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Why settle for artificial ingredients when you can create your own flavored drinks with fresh, natural ingredients!
Strawberries, oranges, apples, lemons, anything YOU want.
Become a mixologist with your very own Idealist Infusion Pitcher Today! 


Fruit Infused Water Pitcher

Our Specs:

  • Crystal clear acrylic pitcher has a removable fruit infusion rod that screws into the lid.

  • Flavor Infuser can be filled with fresh fruit, herbs, or spices to lend intriguing flavor notes to water, tea, punch, and more.

  • Clear acrylic allows for enticing view; pitcher looks great on a well-set table; may be continually refilled without replacing fruit

  • BPA-free, Holds up to 93 ounces - 2.9 Quart. Hand wash recommended



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