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What's Included in the Google Maps Business View Virtual Tour Package

What's included in the package?

Google Street View tours are added to Google Maps alongside your business information. Customers can find and explore your business tour in a number of ways online including Google Search, Google Maps and Google Streetview.

The Google Street View for business service includes your interactive 360 degree Virtual Tour and a set of static Point of Interest photographs of your business to highlight various features such as rooms, decor and products.

You will receive a copy of all Point of Interest Photos for your own use and can embed the virtual tour into your own website and Facebook page.

All Google Virtual Tours include

  • Free No Obligation Quote for your Business

  • A ONE TIME FEE for your Google Maps Business View Package with ZERO ongoing charges

  • All photography required to create you 360 Degree Google Virtual Tour

  • A set of 10-15 Static photographs highlighting aspects of your business

  • Free addition of your static photos to the gallery on your Google Maps listing (if required)

  • Integration of your Google Virtual Tour into Google Maps

  • Integration of your Google Virtual Tour into Google Street View

  • Simple HTML code to embed your tour into your own website

  • Full resolution licensed copies of the static photos for your own use on your website and other materials


The Virtual Tour

Generally, your tour will start outside your business and then proceed as a series of connected street view points forming a natural walk through your business, that any customer walking through your front door in the real world would take. We will advise you on the best way to use your tour for your particular business.


Point of Interest Photographs

Your tour also includes a set of traditional stills photos, all professionally shot to showcase your business. They can include interior and exterior wide angle shots, close ups of product on display and any areas of special interest within your business. 

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