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This was my first time at this location. It's actually the closest to my home but I have a thing about frequenting a familiar location which is memorial drive. The food was a 5 but I waited in line for about 30 minutes on a Saturday evening. Not sure if they were short handed or what but the line was out the door. I made two friends while waiting.  


Anyway, I got the half rib tips half smoked wings( which is not on the menu) mac n cheese and Brunswick stew, and a small potato salad. As I stated good food but I paid 21 dollars for this. The price is on the high side but I will say that u do get what you paid for and that is good fresh food. They do have 2 for 25 meals for those more concerned with the value.


Service is uniformed at each location, it is consistently good kind and courteous staff. My only issue was the wait but I will definitely go again!

This Is It! BBQ & Seafood 

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The Review

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