The bridge between broadcast and digital


Utilize our 360˚ and aerial HD video platforms to create completely new and immersive content. The flexibility of the Immersive Platform allows you to innovate; have       on-air talent control a virtual camerman, allow audiences to drive their own experience or deliver complete narratives in a modern ‘theatre in the round’. At Genesis VS we think that whatever screen the audience is watching is the one that matters. Deliver innovative immersive content to mobile devices, desktops, head mounted displays and other screens that the audience wants.

Immersive video. Standard workflow.

Our 360˚ and aerial HD video solution can be broadcast to your existing backhaul and driven by on-air talent using a device, Virtual Cameraman or Perceptive Pixel display at the same time as it’s being distributed to viewers as a second screen experience via mobile networks and devices. Let's not forget our 4K and HD videography covering the ground work. 

The best of live. Or recorded. Or both.

Our solution is tailor made for live events. Whether it’s breaking news, concerts, sporting events or reality television, our immersive platform is capable of extremely low latency distribution to both broadcast and digital. And hey, not everyone can make a live event. So we have the ability to also record, edit, add hotspots and publish content to mobile, desktop or other devices after the fact.

A new kind of story. A new kind of film.

Spherical 360˚ and aerial HD video storytelling. A virtual ‘theatre in the round’. Our platform allows storytellers to expand their view, creating 360˚ panoramic environments in a environment where the audience themselves are allowed to become key conductors of the performance.

Night Aerial View of Downtown Atlanta at Sunset
Aerial Views of Stone Mountain
FAMU Homecoming 2016 "It's A Different World"
Aerial Views of St. George Island, FL
Aerial Views of Uptown Columbus, GA
Aerial Views of The Meadow
Aerial Views of Arabia Mountain
The Tree in Black and White
Aerial Views of The South River
Aerial Views of The Atlanta Skyline