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Best In Catfishing Products!!!

  c h a r t e r s    &    s h o p

DyFusion Outdoors

Catch The BIG Ones TODAY!!!


Our DyFusion Catfish Bait Is THE BEST AROUND!!!​

My whole family has fished with DyFusion Catfish Bait since 1978. You can take a jar of this bait and catch more catfish than you will ever dream of doing with those other brands. I`ve filled up baskets of fish over the years and could not begin to count how many fish that I`ve caught on this bait. This bait should be illegal to use, it`s that good.


Once, at a pay pond that charged a one time fee of 8.50, to catch all you can catch. The owner offered me 50.00 dollars to leave and go home because I was literally filling up my coolers with his fish one right after another. This bait works!  

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