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Nothing But Net


What is the Nothing But Net?

The Nothing But Net is an elastic stretch net that supports bait such as liver, Salmon Roe, hot dog, dough bait, or simply dipped in your favorite dip bait.


Package Contains 12 Pieces
17 Stretch Nets. Each one measures 2 ½ inches in length. The net can stretch up to 6 inches in length and stretch an incredible 6 inches in diameter.
6 Snell Bait Holders, Size 3 with 30 lb. test line with attached barrel swivel with safety snap. The total length of each leader line is 12 inches.


Easy to use instructions:
1. Open the stretch net
2. Place bait in the center of the stretch net
3. Twist top of open end twice to secure bait inside
4. Push hook through the center of twisted top
5. Push hook through the center of the stretch net making sure to expose the hook


Using your Nothing But Net when you cast your line you can now be confident not to lose your bait!


How much does the "Nothing But Net" net stretch?

To give you an idea of how much the Nothing But Net can can comfortably place up to 3 golf balls inside the stretch net.


What types of bait can I place inside the Nothing But Net?
Fish Guts, Chicken Liver, Hot Dogs, Dough Bait


Nothing But Net Catfish Nets

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